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Accessing your Paystubs

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Pay day has never been easier.

How do I create an account?

  • Shortly after getting hired you should receive an email from DST Restaurant Mgmt

  • Please check your spam folder before contacting help

  • The email will contain your username and a link that will take you to the website to access your information

  • Our Company ID is: 72014DST

How do I login?

Simply follow the link to the Employee Portal and enter the username from the email and the password you made. You may also download the HCMToGo app and login from your mobile device.


Company ID: 72014DST

Username: RonaldM1

Password: BigMacs4Me!

Having trouble?

Please review the steps above and if you continue to have issues then please contact McDonald's Office at 801-392-4656 or talk to your manager for assistance.

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